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Step 2
the Amazon rainforest
Preserve the Amazon's biodiversity and track your impact down to the square meter.
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certified climate neutrality
Enable wind energy instead of coal power and CO2-free drinking water. Reduce emissions and create jobs at the same time.
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Projects that make a difference.
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Becoming climate neutral and benefitting the local population.
These projects do it all. Your membership supports all 3 projects:
star Verified Carbon Standard certified
Forest protection in Peru
The Amazon rainforest is vital for CO2 absorption. Prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity and create jobs by funding Fairtrade cacao.
pin Peru
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star University of N. Resources certified
Clean water in Bangladesh
Boiling water to disinfect it is harmful for locals and our planet. Provide a sustainable and climate-friendly source for clean drinking water.
pin Bangladesh
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star United Nations certified
Wind energy in India
Producing energy from coal is highly emission intensive. Enable the replacement of coal-fired power plants with wind energy.
pin India
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United Nations
Certified by United Nations, VCS and Vienna University of Natural Resources.
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Three projects.
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How does it feel
to live climate neutral?
To find out, we interviewed some of our customers.
testimonal Renate
When I look back at the end of the day, I feel so much better.
Renate, Student
669 days climate neutral
testimonal Ali Mahlodji
With one small step I could do something to make this world a better place.
Ali, Mentor and Speaker
342 days climate neutral
testimonal Jana Rohonova
I am happy that now I can practice what I preach.
Jana, Community Manager
230 days climate neutral
testimonal Andreas Kozel
This is my personal contribution and I feel good about it.
Andreas, Entrepreneur
253 days climate neutral
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We stand by what we do.
More than 6 years ago we started a project at school. We were driven by the idea of developing products and offering services that help people reduce their carbon footprint. And here we are: TeamClimate is not just a website, but a community that acts today for tomorrow and solves the biggest problem of mankind - the climate crisis.

We are looking forward to you becoming part of our story.
Christoph & Karim, Founders
Got questions?
I'm happy to answer them. Write me anytime!
Vienna, Lindengasse 56
But I've heard ...
It’s enormously important for us to mention that we cannot save the climate by solely compensating for CO2. A global restructuring of the economy is needed. We need to move away from fossil fuels and decarbonize our economy. Production and transport must use energy-saving processes. Also, our consumer behaviour should be fundamentally reconsidered.

Until all the above can be put into practice, compensation of CO2 is a crucial building block in climate protection. Without additionally compensating for unavoidable emissions, we will not be able to achieve the Paris climate targets. So only by combining the reduction and compensation of emissions we can combat the climate crisis.

Your entire monthly contribution is used to enable you to live a climate neutral life and offset the exact amount of CO2 you emit. No matter what we do - from monitoring our projects, supporting people on the ground, to paying our staff and building our website - everything is designed to make you climate neutral.

This climate neutrality is independently certified and continuously verified. Therefore, we make a promise that we stand by: Every ton of CO2 you offset with us will be reduced through our projects. We stand by this, not only because we are legally obligated to do so, but also because this is the philosophy of our mission.

Our projects have been selected alongside experts to achieve the greatest possible impact. Furthermore, there are a number of internationally recognized and reliable standards for climate protection projects. Our projects are regularly monitored by independent organizations such as the United Nations or the University of Natural Resources Vienna and awarded standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard or the CCBA Gold Standard. The exact amount of CO2 emissions actually saved is determined retrospectively.

If you want to take a look at our certification reports yourself, you can download them for each project on the respective project page.

Becoming climate neutral means bringing your carbon footprint to zero by reducing and offsetting your emissions. Sounds good. But why is it necessary?

To limit the temperature-rise to with a probability of 0,66 to 1.5 degrees and thus avert the climate crisis, each person must not emit more than an average of 0,7 tons of CO2 every year till 2100. (Röckström et al.) But here's the problem: even if you follow a vegan diet, never fly or drive a car, your CO2 footprint is around 3,2 tons per year. That's almost 5 times too much.

This is where carbon neutrality comes in. If you reduce your footprint and offset the remaining unavoidable emissions, your carbon footprint equals zero. Even the WWF and the EU know that this is the only way we have a chance to fight the climate crisis. Good thing TeamClimate has a solution.

Unfortunately, we don't have good news for you. It's so great if you show commitment to our planet and try to reduce your carbon footprint. But here's a quick explanation of why reducing and offsetting need to go hand in hand.

To limit the temperature-rise to with a probability of 0,66 to 1.5 degrees and thus avert the climate crisis, each person must not emit more than an average of 0,7 tons of CO2 every year till 2100. (Röckström et al.) But here's the problem: even if you follow a vegan diet, never fly or drive a car, your CO2 footprint is around 3,2 tons per year. That's almost 5 times too much. Some emissions are simply unavoidable. Consequently, only by offsetting and reducing our emissions, our CO2 footprint would be small enough to prevent the climate crisis.

Nevertheless, it is enormously important for us to mention that offsetting alone is not enough. As we said, reducing and offsetting must go hand in hand, you can't shake that. Our philosophy: measure, reduce and offset unavoidable emissions. We're extemely proud to have developed a climate algorithm that helps you reduce CO2 in everyday life.
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