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  • Overall improvement in living conditions.
  • More free time for women.
  • Less sick leave increases educational opportunities.
  • Better income and employment opportunities for women.

Women as the driving force in day-to-day life

Here at TeamClimate, we celebrate the earth every day. On International Women's Day, we celebrate the women who live on this planet. Women make up half of the world's population. They are a driving force and without them this world would be a very different place. Through our projects, among other things, jobs have been created that empower women in their (financial) independence. More than 2,000 women have already been able to improve their income through your contribution towards our projects.

In addition to jobs, women groups have been initiated where they can meet and socialize with each other in a safe, relaxed environment. Traditional role models in which women are responsible for the housework and raising children are still very much present today. Water is essential in every household. Whether it's for washing dishes, drinking or personal hygiene. Thanks to easily accessible wells and solar water disinfection, long and often dangerous journeys to water sources are a thing of the past. This saves the women a few hours a day and money as well. The large amounts of firewood needed for water supply are quite costly.

Don't go chasing waterfalls

The wells in particular save about 2 hours of time each day. On average, a mother with four children has to walk to a water point 20 minutes away, three times a day. In addition, wood has to be bought and contaminated water needs to be boiled. All this work is largely the responsibility of the women and children. Thanks to our projects in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh, the villagers have direct access to clean water. This has also made water-borne diseases a scarcity. This saves medical costs and enables more days of school and work that would otherwise be missed due to illness.

Female farmers for our climate

In Tambopata, 172 women are involved in cocoa production. They help with planting, growing, harvesting and ripening the cacao. Among them, 77 farmers are part of the cooperative, which supports a total of 1,152 people. In Ucayali, 35% of the 357 job opportunities created are held by women. 32 of them are in management positions in organizations and committees. By comparison, in Austria in 2021, women held just 9% of the positions on the management boards of the 200 companies with the highest turnover in Austria (statista, 2022).

A women-owned handicraft company produces embroidery following an old traditional method. This way, old traditions are revived and offered for sale at local markets. The unique pieces help the women earn their living.

Most affected by the climate crisis

Women and children suffer disproportionately from the effects of the climate crisis. Around 80% of the people who have to leave their home due to the climate crisis are women (UN Women Germany, 2022). They have to emigrate and build a new life in a foreign country.

As a team we can achieve more

The TeamClimate community has accomplished great things together. Maybe you've already seen it yourself? We have reached our community goal 2021. With your help, we even surpassed it and offset 36,000.00 tons of CO2 instead of the 30,000.00 we were aiming for. Help us to exceed our goals again this year and create a powerful impact. 🎉

Next up... an update from Bangladesh.

Photocredits: Marlondag

Where your contribution goes:

  • Through well construction and the purchase of WADI equipment, clean water becomes more accessible.
  • Women are empowered and supported in the job market.
  • The climate crisis is counteracted so that the homes of as many people as possible remain habitable.
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