Wind Energy

Enable developing countries to use clean energy instead of coal.
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Clean energy for sustainable development.
India already has a population of over 1.3 billion by 2020 and is still growing. Yet the electricity mix in India is one of the dirtiest in the world and in some cases consists of over 80% coal-fired power. With TeamClimate you help to make wind energy available as an attractive source of electricity in India and to bring the country through the energy transition.
98 654 MWh
renewable energy produced.
A real difference.
Enabled by three wind farms.
With TeamClimate you enable the construction of wind farms in India to substitute coal power. Click on the project to find out more about the projects.
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Wind Energy in India
Producing energy from coal is highly emission intensive. Enable the replacement of coal-fired power plants with wind energy.
Better together - Our partners.
We work with experts to achieve the best possible impact together. Local companies such as the Serum Institute of India act as partners for the wind farms in India. These projects are certified by the United Nations (UNFCCC).
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Any achievements by India will have a multiplier impact on world’s development and welfare.
Narendra Modi
Prime Minister India
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Find out which projects in the areas of ecology and development offset your CO2.
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Forest Protection
The Amazon rainforest is vital for CO2 absorption. Prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity and create jobs by funding Fairtrade cacao.
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Clean Drinking Water
Boiling water to disinfect it is harmful for locals and our planet. Provide a sustainable and climate-friendly source for clean drinking water.
Sierra Leone
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