Wind Power in India

Substitude coal power plants with wind energy in India and reduce CO2.
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What we have achieved so far.
Only due to the support of our community we were able to achieve this immpact:
98 654 MWh
renewable energy
Here's how it's done.
At the moment India is the third largest emitter of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. One of the reasons for this ranking is the country's high energy consumption. As a consequence, a large percentage of electricity is still generated by coal power plants.

Here's where your support comes in!

You enable clean energy in India by supporting projects in which wind parks are build. The energy from the wind turbines substitutes energy that otherwise would come from a coal powered plant. Through that the amount of coal burned is lowered and the construction of new coal plants is avoided.
Better together - Our partners.
We partner with experts to create the best possible impact together. Companies such as SIIL and Sahyadri act as our partners for the windparks in India. These projects are certified by the United Nations (UNFCCC).
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Any achievements by India will have a multiplier impact on world’s development and welfare.
Narendra Modi
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