Clean Water

Provide clean drinking water in Bangladesh, Eritrea and Sierra Leone by living climate neutral.
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Drinking water and climate change.
Climate change is contributing to changing rainfall patterns, droughts and food shortages. Our drinking water projects provide local communities with access to clean drinking water while reducing CO2. Water no longer needs to be boiled to be drinkable, saving emissions and supporting local people. Learn more about solar water disinfection in Bangladesh and well rehabilitation in Sierra Leone and Eritrea.
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3 Projects.
Bangladesh, Eritrea and Sierra Leone.
Solar water disinfection in Bangladesh and well restoration in Sierra Leone and Eritrea.
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Solar Water Desinfection
Enable clean drinking water without boiling. Especially children and women benefit in this project.
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star GoldStandard certified
Sierra Leone
Restore Wells
Restoring wells will allow for clean water and protect the surrounding forest.
Sierra Leone
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star GoldStandard certified
Restore Wells
66 drinking water wells were restored to provide families with access to clean drinking water.
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Better together - our partners.
We work together with experts to achieve the best possible impact. The projects in Sierra Leone and Eritrea are certified by the GoldStandard, the project in Bangladesh is audited by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna.
Learn more about forest conservation and renewable energy.
Your climate neutrality supports all projects which are carefully selected in partnership with climate experts to ensure the highest degree of effectiveness.
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Forest Protection
The Amazon rainforest is vital for CO2 absorption. Prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity and create jobs by funding Fairtrade cacao.
star United Nations certified
Clean Wind Energy
Producing energy from coal is highly emission intensive. Enable the replacement of coal-fired power plants with wind energy.
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