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Last Updated: 17/07/2023

General Terms and Conditions ReGreen GmbH ("GTCs")

TeamClimate (ReGreen GmbH)
Sales tax identification number: ATU69883334
Company register number: 436772 m
Johann-Teufel-Gasse 74 -80/10
1230 Vienna (idF "ReGreen")

[email protected]

These terms and conditions apply to all services offered by ReGreen, some of which are provided via www.mindfulmission.earth or www.teamclimate.com or www.mindfulflights.com (together hereinafter "TeamClimate Platform").

 All services provided by ReGreen are exclusively based on these GTC.


The main service of ReGreen is the provision of a corresponding amount of CO2 emission reduction certificates, which is carried out in Vienna, Austria, on behalf of the customer. These are purchased in the name of ReGreen and the customer is allocated corresponding parts.

Offset contributions are legally the purchase of emission reduction certificates from climate protection projects; these are not donations.

Conclusion of contract

The description of our products on our Team Climate platform is not an offer in the legal sense, but an invitation to submit an offer. The offer of the customer becomes binding by completing the order process on the Team Climate platform. Please note that the acceptance is made separately by e-mail or by actual delivery within a reasonable period of time. A reasonable period of time is understood to be a period of no more than 5 business days. We are entitled to refuse orders without giving reasons. With acceptance by ReGreen a contractual relationship between the customer and ReGreen is established. In case of rejection of your offer you will be informed.


The main service obligation of ReGreen is to provide the customer with emission reduction certificates. However, the customer has no right to determine which projects are included in the related project portfolio. ReGreen reserves the right to exchange the projects included in this portfolio from time to time, to introduce new project categories, to adjust them, to change project shares or to otherwise adapt them. Any changes will be in accordance with ReGreen's high standards for certification, verification and monitoring of projects by independent third parties.

Term, pause, cancel & reactivate TeamClimate subscription

Rights of customers:

  1. The TeamClimate subscription is generally concluded for an indefinite period of time.
  2. TeamClimate subscriptions can be managed, customized, paused, cancelled and reactivated through the personal account.
  3. Customers can cancel their TeamClimate subscription at any time. If a TeamClimate subscription is cancelled, the current compensation period already paid for will be paid off and the next planned payment will no longer be collected. In addition, customers have the option of requesting an immediate termination of the compensation from TeamClimate. In these cases, TeamClimate will reimburse customers for payments already made for the non-compensated period on a pro rata basis.
  4. Customers can pause their TeamClimate subscription at any time. During the period of a pause, the fees for the subscription will not be debited from the deposited means of payment until the TeamClimate subscription is actively reactivated again or the pause period selected by the customer has expired.

Rights of ReGreen:

ReGreen may terminate the business relationship with the customer subject to a notice period of two weeks. Payments already received by the customer beyond the termination date will be refunded to the customer. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that the customer used for the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Fee regulations

Fee. Our services are subject to a fee. The prices are displayed when the offer is made by the customer.

Payment Service Provider. A payment service provider is used for all payments via the TeamClimate platform in a legal currency.

Maturity. The purchase amount is due and payable immediately after conclusion of the contract.

Payment Processing. For credit card payments and debit card payments, payment processing is handled via a secure payment gateway. The card information of customers is not stored by ReGreen.

Value added tax (VAT). All prices include the applicable sales tax, unless otherwise stated.

Value Assurance. The remuneration shall be value-protected. The Consumer Price Index 2020 ("CPI") published monthly by Statistics Austria (base 2023=100) shall serve as a measure for the calculation of the stable value or an index which may replace it in the future, if the CPI ceases to apply and is also no longer applicable. If the CPI continues to be applicable, the CPI shall continue to be applicable, so that no right of election arises. Fluctuations of the index number up to and including 1% shall be disregarded; in the event that the index number is exceeded, the entire value protection shall become effective, with the newly determined index number then forming the basis for the further calculation of the value protection. An adjustment can be made on the 1st of each month, provided that either ReGreen or the customer requests this. However, a price adjustment is excluded in the first 2 months after conclusion of the contract.

Right of withdrawal

Consumers have the right to revoke their contract within fourteen days without giving any reason.

The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform
us (ReGreen GmbH, Johann-Teufel Gasse 74 - 80/10, 1230 Vienna, [email protected]) of your decision by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by mail, e-mail). You can use the attached model withdrawal form, which is not mandatory.

To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

Consequences of the revocation

If you withdraw from this contract, we must refund all payments we have received from you, including delivery costs, without delay and at the latest within fourteen days of the day on which we received notification of your withdrawal from this contract. For this repayment, we will use the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; in no case will you be charged for this repayment.

If you have requested that the services begin during the withdrawal period, you must pay us a reasonable amount that corresponds to the proportion of the services already provided by the time you notify us of the exercise of the right of withdrawal with respect to this contract compared to the total scope of the services provided for in the contract.

Sample cancellation form

If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out this form and send it back to ReGreen GmbH, Johann-Teufel Gasse 74 - 80/10, 1230 Vienna, [email protected].

  • I / we (*) hereby revoke the contract concluded by me / us (*) for the purchase of the following goods (*) / the provision of the following service (*):
  • Ordered on (*) / received on (*)
  • Name of the consumer(s)
  • Address of the consumer(s)
  • Signature of the consumer(s) (only in the case of a paper communication)
  • Date

     (*) Delete as applicable.

Limitation of liability

The impact values stated by ReGreen, which are achieved through compensation, are based on sources and project reports from third parties. ReGreen assumes - without prejudice to this point - no liability for the correctness of the impact values. It cannot be excluded that the actual CO2 emissions caused deviate from the calculations.

ReGreen is liable - without prejudice to this point - neither for the correctness of the calculations of the CO2 calculator nor for the actual reduction of a concretely quantifiable amount of CO2 emissions.

Limitation of liability for consumers

ReGreen is generally only liable for damages caused by ReGreen or one of its vicarious agents intentionally or through gross negligence in an unlawful manner.

In the event of damage caused by slight negligence in violation of the law, ReGreen shall only be liable for

  1. for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health,
  2. for damage to items accepted for processing, unless otherwise agreed in detail with the Customer with regard to damage to items accepted for processing,
  3. for claims under the Product Liability Act,
  4. for damages due to the absence of a warranted characteristic,
  5. for damages resulting from the breach of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation), i.e. an obligation that makes the proper performance of the contract possible in the first place and on the observance of which the user regularly relies and may rely (the essential contractual obligation in this case is the allocation of emission reduction certificates to the customer) and
  6. for atypical damage, i.e. damage that ReGreen and the customer could not have foreseen at the time the contract was concluded because the damage arose from an unforeseeable source of danger.

Furthermore, ReGreen's liability towards the Customer shall not be limited by any provision of these GTC.

Limitation of liability for companies:

ReGreen is not liable for any damage or loss incurred by a customer in connection with the use of a TeamClimate platform or use of a service provided by ReGreen, unless ReGreen caused the damage or loss intentionally or due to gross negligence or in the case of personal injury or for claims under the Product Liability Act.


Warranty for consumers

The legal warranty applies.

The statutory warranty is not limited by any provision in these GTC towards consumers.

Warranty for companies

The warranty towards customers who are entrepreneurs is excluded as far as legally possible.


ReGreen assumes no responsibility for the content of third-party websites that can be reached via links. ReGreen does not check their content and is not responsible for the content of websites linked to the TeamClimate platforms.


All works, contents and data published on the websites of ReGreen are subject to Austrian and international copyright law. Any unauthorized use requires the prior written consent of the respective author. Works, content and data may not be copied, modified, used or transmitted for commercial purposes or for dissemination. This applies to texts, images, audio and video elements. Copies or downloads may only be made for personal use. The provisions on the free use of works in accordance with §§ 41ff UrhG remain unaffected.

Violations of the terms of use

ReGreen is entitled to pursue violations of one or more of these provisions temporarily or permanently against the customer, without prejudice to further legal action. If a customer has been blocked, he/she may contact [email protected] by e-mail and ask for clarification of his/her blocking.

Privacy Policy

All information regarding the handling of customer data is mentioned in the Privacy Policy, which is published on the TeamClimate platforms.

Choice of law

Austrian law shall apply to all disputes arising from or in connection with these GTC between the customer and ReGreen. However, this choice of law shall not result in consumers being deprived of the protection that would have to be applied in the absence of a choice of law on the basis of mandatory provisions.


The court with subject-matter jurisdiction in the first district of Vienna shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for entrepreneurs.

Changes to the GTC

The General Terms and Conditions apply, which are available immediately before the conclusion of the contract on the TeamClimate platform through which the contract is concluded.

Material changes to the GTC, including this item, require express agreement with the Customer. Material changes are all changes or additions that (i) affect the main performance obligation or (ii) materially change the contractual relationship in a way that is equivalent to the conclusion of a new contract.

Other amendments may be made at any time and shall become effective at the earlier of (i) the Customer's express acceptance of the amended GTC or (ii) the expiration of two months after publication of such amendments or supplements (e.g. by sending a copy to the Customer), unless the Customer has objected.

Consent shall be deemed to have been given if the Customer does not object in writing or electronically (e.g. by e-mail).The Customer shall be informed in the amendment offer that (i) his/her silence by failing to object in writing or electronically (e.g. by e-mail) within two months after publication of the amended GTC shall be deemed consent to the amendments and that (ii) the Consumer shall have the right to terminate his/her contract and the contractually agreed services without notice until the amendments come into force.

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